How To Clean Your Bathroom In 20 Minutes

on Sunday, 17 January 2016. Posted in Cleaning Tips and Advice

Whether you're having guests over for the holidays or just looking for a quick way to keep your bathroom clean between visits from the house cleaner. this 20-minute cleaning guide can help you tidy your bathroom when you 're short on time.

 This quick clean will be superficial, but can make a huge improvement.
  1. Clear off the counters. Hair dryers, Shampoo, Towels, and cosmetics all tend to pile up quickly on bathroom counters. establishing a place for everything in your bathroom can help reduce the amount of time you and the house cleaners need to spend straightening up.
  2. Spray your shower, toilet, and any surfaces with bathroom cleaners. Soaking is key .... It cuts down on scrubbing time. Also. make sure to spray heavily SO that the cleaner doesn't dry while it sits. Once you’ve sprayed everything down, let it soak and move to the next step.
  3. Clean the mirror. Spray it down with glass cleaner and wipe it do it with a cloth. Afterwards. run a dry paper towel over the mirror to pick up any lint or fuzz.
  4. Wipe everything down. Go back to the areas you sprayed with cleaner, leaving the shower for last.
    Even if you don't clean your whole shower, at least clean the glass door.... Wipe from top to bottom, using different towels for each area.
  5. Save a minute for extras. some of the smaller details you might want to skip can make a big difference in a small amount of time. Quickly wipe off bottles and older items on the counter, the inside of the sink and the front of the cabinets.
  6. Clean the inside of your toilet. A quick rinse with toilet bowl cleaner or even just Swiping tile inside with a toilet bowl brush will greatly improve its appearance.
  7. Check for obvious dust and cobwebs. Getting rid of these will automatically make your bathroom look cleaner.
  8. Clear the floor. A quick sweep with a Swiffer or vacuum to pick up hair and dirt will go a long way. Make sure to get the area in front of the toilet- that's where people often look. When you’re are going for a quick clean, that counters, floors and toilets are the top three areas you should always hit.

If you only have a couple of minutes... Windex is your friend.
Spray tile bathroom vanity, sink and all around tile toilet before going over it with clean towels. You can get tile surfaces done in less than 10 minutes and everything will be sparkling and smell nice.

A deep clean can take much longer. For example, thoroughly cleaning a very dirty shower can take 20 minutes or more.

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