Safety Tips in the Home

on Saturday, 30 April 2016.

Safety first

Being an owner of a cleaning company for the past 23 years, I have learned some important safety steps along the way.

Know what's behind you before backing up. 

Accidents happen when you start backing up before you check what's behind you.  We all like to speed clean but make it second nature to look before you move.

Don't bend over in front of a door.  

Someone could open the door and bop you in the head or walk through the doorway and run into you.  Keep your hand on the doorknob, or block with your foot or just lock while cleaning that area.

Get out of the way if you drop something made of glass.  

Nothing is worth getting cut by shards of glass.  Trying to grab at the falling object is very dangerous.  Just let it go.

Be cautious when reaching under furniture or cushions with your hands.  

Your fingers will hurt if you discover pins, thumbtacks or anything sharp.  The end of your fingers are very sensitive. If you are wearing an apron while cleaning and tend to put trash in the pockets, be careful when reaching into them.  Wrap sharp objects in other debris (such as paper) or go straight to the trash can.

Always be careful cleaning tubs that have a buildup of soap scum.   

Remember soap consists largely of fats and it will be slippery.  Once you start washing the tub or shower walls the soap will start to loosen so use sensible precautions.  Stand outside when you can.  If you must stand inside keep your sneakers on to prevent slipping.  Stepping on a layer of rags will also give you better footing.

Be very careful when mixing any two chemicals together.  

The worst of all is mixing ammonia and chlorine bleach.  The chlorine gas that is released when these two chemicals are mixed is deadly.  Someone may have used ammonia on a surface and didn't rinse well.  If you come along afterward and apply bleach, you may be in trouble.  If there is a nasty chlorine smell head for the fresh air fast.  I tell my girls just keep ammonia out of the bathroom all together.  Bleach and other cleaning products take care of the demands of bathroom cleaning, so dont take a chance.  By the way, many of the automatic bowl cleaner contain chlorine.

Along the line of chemicals, be careful when spraying any cleaner in a confined area.  

Some of these products can be murder on your lungs, especially ammonia.  Keep a window open or turn on a fan when possible.  Take a break in the fresh air if needed.

Wear rubber gloves.  

Your skin is precious so take care of it and wear gloves.

Hang pictures and mirrors with heavy-duty hangers, nails or screws. 

What does this have to do with cleaning you ask?  Well, they are not self-cleaning so when cleaning you don't want them to fall off the wall.

Remember safety first!


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