What Type of Cleaner Are You?

on Thursday, 05 May 2016. Posted in Cleaning Tips and Advice

These are the types of cleaners. 

The Super Cleaner 
  • You attack dust and dirt with a vengence.
  • You are good at germ warfare.
  • Cleaning is on your list of priorities.
  • You take pride in having a clean home.
  • Cleaning helps you relieve stress and you consider it therapeutic.
  • You have the traditional approach, you scrub floors on your hands and knees, use tried and true cleaning products.
  • You are always cleaning something.
  • You love that people comment on how immaculate your home is by most standards.
  • Some advice:  Easy with the harsh cleaning products, they can damage surfaces over time.  Use the least harsh cleaner first.  You spend alot of time wiping so be sure to disinfect kitchen sponge and dishcloths after use or you will just spread more germs. Take pride in your work, but don't make it an obsession.  Don't use it as an excuse to avoid dealing with something else.
The Speed Cleaner
  • You enjoy a clean house, but it's not on the top of your list.
  • Frequent cleanings are easily postponed.
  • Free time, but you don't want to spend it cleaning #toilets.
  • You want quick and easy cleaning solutions.
  • You purchase the lastest cleaning products and tools.
  • You have a closet or cupboard full of products you have tried and did not live up to their promises.  
  • You would hire a professional cleaning service if you could afford it.
  • Some advice:  You will spend less time cleaning overall if you cleaned more often. After a good and thorough cleaning try doing a little cleaning every day.  Putting cleaning supplies in a bucket or caddy will make it easier to tote them to the job.  Try ready to use cleaning products such as disinfectant wipes.  Get rid of all cleaners that didn't work or you didn't like.
The Green Cleaner
  • Ok, your preference is a gentler approach to cleaning.
  • No trading dirt and germs for chemicals.
  • You pay attention to the ingredients in cleaning products.
  • Because you prefer #natural #cleaning #products, you are willing to make your own.
  • Someone in your #home has allergies to strong cleaning products or you have children or pets and you are concerned about the storage of these products.
  • You like to buy #nontoxic products that are in refillable packaging and recyclable.
  • Some advice:  Try some of the commercial cleaners that contain only natural ingredients.  Check out our blogs on uses of vinegar, baking soda and green products. You might even have these products in your own kitchen.
The Catch-up Cleaner
  • You have a fairly high tolerance for dust and dirt.
  • You hate to clean so you put it off until you absolutely must do it.
  • Now, of course, this requires a lot of time and effort.
  • Your accumulation of clutter makes the task of cleaning even harder.
  • You hire professionals, but even then your home falls into diarray between cleanings.
  • Some advice:  One thing we know is it's easier to keep up than to catch up.  Hire help to get your house clean.  Maybe a friend would clean in exchange for your cooking or babysitting.  After your home is clean, get in the habit of everyday cleaning just like the speed cleaner.  Spend 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night.  Clean your kitchen and bathrooms everyday.  Reward yourself for your efforts.


Ok, no matter what type of cleaner you are let's get organized.


  • Provide a laundry hamper and wastebasket.  
  • Have a decorative bowl or basket on dresser tops for loose change and other items.
  • Create extra storage space with closet shelving, freestanding drawer units, underbed storage bins, and over-the-door organizers.
  • Put hooks in your closet or behind a door for extra space.
  • Keep closet floor clear for easier vacuuming.
  • In with the new out with the old. When buying a new piece of clothing, give away or sell anything you no longer love to wear.


  • Keep cleaning supplies handy, but our of reach of children, for daily clean-ups.
  • Have a clear counter top.  Get rid of any clutter.
  • Make sure you have a wastebasket in every bathroom.
  • If needed install extra hooks or rods for hanging wet towels.
  • Disgard any bath or beauty products you no longer use.
  • Keep all medicines out of reach of the kidos.
  • You might want use such things as shower caddies and drawer #organizers.


  • Clear everything off countertops.  Clean all the items and put back only what is used daily or at least twice a week.  Everything else find a new home.
  • In your cabinets, move things that are not used much to the back.
  • Try using a pretty basket or bowl for those odd and ends.
  • Donate or give away any kitchenware that has not been used in the past year.
  • Store pots and pans near the stove, dishes and silverware near dishwasher, sink or table.
  • In your pantry organize items by category:  pastas, soups, cereals, baking items, etc.
  • Try putting a cork board inside a cabinet or pantry door.  It is handy for notes, shopping lists and ermergency numbers.
  • Put a limit on leftover plastic containers.
  • Create a three ring binder for loose recipes.

If you have any organizing tips that you'd like to share with our readers, please submit your comments. 

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