Client Testimonials

We are proud of delighting our clients and receiving feedback on the quality of house cleaning they receive. Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service is committed to your clean home with our 100% guaranteed cleaning services.

Please take a look at some of our client feedback:

I’m so grateful for Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service. They’re great with my pets. My pets take up much of my time, and I value being able to spend time with them. Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service have been so great in helping reduce the amount of time I need to spend cleaning. Thank you, Jackie, Carter, Madison, Blue, Meatloaf, and Cowboy.
- Jackie

I hired Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Services for a complete cleaning in order to turn my rental condo back over to my landlord in early December. I needed a move-out cleaning and had lived there for 13 years. Words do not suffice to convey how thrilled I was at their work, and was so happy with the friendly courteous owner. I just wish I had known about them before as I would’ve most certainly have used them to clean on a permanent basis. Try them; I wholeheartedly recommend them. They are all so cheerful and war, and incredible fast and thorough.
- Carol Perel

I Hired helping Hand Professional Cleaning Services to clean my daughter’s hours because she had been going through rough times, and had let the house get pretty bad. I have been trying to help get her back on track in many areas of her life, and a clean house was part of the plan. I was very impressed with the girls. They were very professional and Thorough. And most importantly they did not utter one sound or let any sign of disapproval on their faces regarding the condition of the home when they arrive. Believe me , the place was awful! They treated my daughter with kindness, care, and respect. My daughter was feeling pretty low and any sign of disapproval would have pretty much put the nail in coffin of her self esteem and hope. And they were leaving I told them I hoped I wouldn’t have to hire them again (meaning I hoped my daughter wouldn’t let the place get so bad again), but if I need to, I would not hesitate to call Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service and I will definitely recommend them to others!!!!
- Elizabeth

I’m very particular about my home. I just can’t say enough about the wonderful service that was provided and the amazing job that was done by Helping Hands Professional Cleaning. They are so nice, too! The attention to detail delighted me. I am so happy to have found them. I look forward to many more visits! Thank you SO much!!
- Jeanne

Love, love, LOVE Helping Hand Professional Cleaning Services! Three of the most friendly, courteous ( and might I add BEAUTIFUL) group of ladies I have ever had the chance to meet. Besides making my home sparkling clean. The girls did what they could to make sure items and utensils I used were within my reach. A few days before Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service came, I had fallen down the stairs and fractured my hip. My entire right side of my shin to my eye was swollen and bruised beyond belief. I could barely stand on my own two feet let alone reach for thing and bending over was out of the question. As soon as they entered my home. I was told to relax, finish knitting my granddaughter’s dress and if I needed anything to let them know! WOW! Never felt more comfortable in my own home. They brought up my trash cans from the end of my driveway, carried in my newspapers and even fed my kitties! Truly dedicated to making their customers happy. They were quick, efficient and friendly. My home looked more wonderful than it has in years. Looked and smelled fresh and clean. Absolutely amazing work. These girls did more than wait they should have (and trained to do) It was out of the pure goodness of their hearts, bless them. And never once did they fail to lose their bright, shining smiles. What can I say. Helping Hands Pro Cleaning Service is a five star winner. I have never been so satisfied with a cleaning services as I am with Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service. They were so professional from the knowledgeable staff in the office to the professional cleaners they sent and the cleaning was awesome.
- Lit Maureen

I recently hired Helping Hand Pro Cleaning Svc. as my regular house cleaner retired after years of cleaning my home. Well all I have to say about Helping Hand Pro Cleaning is WOW!! What a great job they did. How accommodating.
- Chris Royer

When we sold our house and it came time to move I called HH to clean our old house and new one as well. After packing we were to exhausted to do it ourselves. Thank you again for your fine service.
- Littel Obie

The gals that came to my house were all very friendly and polite. They did a great job cleaning the house. I liked that you had a list all ready to go and I didn't have to tell you what to do.
- Kristi Thorpe

My friend talked me into using your services and boy was she right on! amazing to have such a treat and luxury! don't know what I have been waiting for and trying to do this whole house on my own.
- Lauri Ruhl

Your crew was very friendly and did a great job! I wish I would've done this sooner. I am looking forward to having Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service, LLC come back.
- Tara Boede

I had Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service, LLC perform a move out cleaning on the rental house we just left. The cleaning was complete and really took some stress off the moving process. They did an amazing job and the place looks great (better than any time while we lived there). The cleaners showed up on time and completed the cleaning within the quoted price range. I would recommend this company to anybody and I do recommend them to all my friends & family.
- Jason Hall

The house truly sparkled when the team was done! It was amazing. They paid attention to details and clearly knew what they were doing. The bathrooms were thoroughly cleaned (and they needed it)! I appreciated that my extra personalized requests were met with smiles and carried out beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this company!
- Paula Townsell

Your Team was a god send for our wedding. We got married in my sister-in-laws home and we didn't want to impose on her. We had you come out on Friday before the Saturday wedding and again on Monday to clean up after. Your team worked around all the extra people in the house trying to decorate and get food prepared. Along with a baby and 2 young boys! They did an excellent job. They showed up on time and worked hard. They did miscalculate the amount of hours they were there, but you credited those to our Monday clean and it all worked out. We are VERY pleased with Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service, LLC and would use you again if there is a need.
- Kim Morgan

I recently finished a three year remodel and was overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning need prior to my move in. I called Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service, LLC and they not only cleaned, they took on the toughest jobs first, the bathrooms and kitchen, and left them sparkling. I don't think I could have moved in the following weekend without their help. I would recommend them to any of my friends, not only for the big jobs but for everyday cleaning needs.
- Kathi Jones

Thank you Kate for sending Maureen and Michelle to our house for a move out cleaning. Both ladies were fast and very nice and they did a great job. I'll be sure to recommend your company in the future to friends and consider you when I need additional cleaning services.
- Linda D'Amato

Today I had the pleasure of Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service, LLC cleaning my home. The women were extremely attentive to every detail, positive and super nice. I have lived in 5 states and had multiple cleaning services, yet never has one taken this much care and “elbow grease” into their work as these two women did. This was my initial “deep cleaning” and they worked very hard. For three hours straight they didn’t even take a 5 minute break. You rarely find people that work that hard and with that much pride these days. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I can’t wait to have them come back!
- Angie Crowe

We love our cleaning team. They are hard workers and we are very happy with both their cleaning, and their pleasant easy-going natures. They have taken over my pet cleaning peeves: the cat hair off of the couch and cleaning out the bottom of the toaster oven, with a smile. My husband, Jonathan, hopes that they will work on his pet peeve: cleaning the baseboards more often, however. We love, love, love Maureen, and she seems to be loved by the cleaning team as well. We have had scheduling issues for which she has always provided solutions. Also, last year during the winter, she took her client list home to continue client communication from her residence. Our previous cleaning service “no-showed” several times without a call. Kate calls to confirm even the slightest changes in the schedule. I am also very happy with the billing coming from Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service. I am billed promptly after my date of service so there is no confusion about which charge belongs to which cleaning service. It seems like such a simple concept, but my previous cleaning service was so disorganized that they double charged us twice (I do not believe that this was done intentionally). Thank you for your service
- Nancy Hanson

Thanks a lot for cleaning my apartment yesterday. I was surprised to see how my apartment had become clean and neat, when I came back home last night. Honestly, I think it is cleaner now than when I moved into the apartment... I was so impressed by the quality of work done by your crew yesterday. (In addition to that, they were polite and very nice people.) Now that I'm so satisfied with the overall experience provided by you, I would like to ask you to come to clean my apartment on some regular basis. It would be great if the same crew (as who came yesterday) can come, but others are also okay. (I believe you have a high quality standard.)
- Ren Ando

My condo had not been cleaned in 2 years. It was vacant and in bad shape. I was afraid it would not sell. I could not believe what it looked like when Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service was finished. The condo was cleaned exactly as I had asked. The time that was quoted and the money spent were exactly as specified. It was a wonderful job. It was a miracle. The condo sold.
- Barbara Higgins

Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service has been a very dependable and wonderful cleaning service. I have used them for years and have been very happy with the results and the thoroughness of their work. I use them for what I call the seasonal deep cleaning! They do a great job! Thank you Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service!
- Mo Pfister

Oh my gosh! Helping Hands Professional Cleaning Service is fantastic! They really scoured the place and even small things that most overlook -- like baseboards or the top of appliances, etc. I really enjoyed having them and am thrilled to throw our doors open today -- hopefully we'll sell by Christmas! Thanks for really saving the day!
- Tracey Campbell

Oh, my goodness! The team was absolutely wonderful. In an hour they made the whole house shine! What a fabulous job – I can relate to, and appreciate very hard workers. I am so impressed, and will definitely use your company again in the future. It is a dependable business that does what they can to provide a good service to their customers, and you certainly fulfilled my expectations!
- Patti Mann

Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that the team you sent over yesterday was AWESOME! Just absolutely AWESOME! I mentioned it was a tough job - and I totally meant it. I've been traveling for 2 months and had a guy staying here watching the kitties - and the place was WRECKED!! They did an absolutely amazing job to help me as I was soooo overwhelmed at where to even start. Way over my level of expectations! Just AWESOME!!! Please let them know what an incredible job they did as they deserve MANY MANY accolades!!!!! They are truly wonderful!!! :) :) :) :)
- Erin Fitzpatrick

Please tell the team that I am so thrilled to have them back. They did a super outstanding job and I could smell the freshness the minute I walked in. Every room leaves me grinning ear to ear. I was going to leave a checklist but I see I don't need it- they just know what to do to make things look good.
- Teresa Field

I am happy to say we were very pleasantly surprised when we came into the office Monday Morning. The bookcase must have been quite a task, yet we were so happy to see it nicely polished, along with the window sill and even our paper shredder was dusted. The kitchen counter was perfectly clean, the sink sparkled, and the microwave was cleaned. I have not seen an office so thoroughly cleaned by any other cleaning service. Thank you for your attention to detail. It is very much appreciated.
- Cathy Green, Office Manager

I just wanted to let you know that the two women that came out to clean our apartment were really great. They were professional and friendly, and did a great job. Thanks so much for the excellent service. We'll keep you in mind for all of our future cleaning needs.
- Alison Billings

I wanted to say that the team that cleaned my home this morning did an EXEMPLARY job. They did everything on my priority list and MORE! I was so happy when I returned home because I couldn't find anything that they missed and was pleased to see that they went ahead and found extra jobs to tackle to make my home feel cleaner than usual. A big thank you to them. Is there any way I can request that they be my regular cleaning crew?
- Adrianne Kwak

Wow your staff went above and beyond to clean my place better then I could. 100% awesome and i like to find out how much it would cost if i had you folks come by 2 times a month for touch up cleaning.
- Chris Osterhaug

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